The name Fortress Maximus can refer to multiple characters or concepts:

  • Brave Maximus, the city-bot double Headmaster from the Car Robots anime who was renamed Fortress Maximus in the Robots in Disguise dub. Later retconned to be the inspiration for the Fortress Maximus seen in The Headmasters anime. Also known as Cybertron Base in Robot Masters.
  • Fortress Maximus, the title used in the Robots in Disguise dub for the the twenty-ninth episode of Car Robots, Arise! Cybertron City.

Fortress Maximus should not be confused with:

  • Omega Supreme, city-bot whose preliminary name was "Fortress Maximus".
  • Metroplex, a city-bot whose preliminary name was "Fortress Maximus".
  • Other characters or concepts with names containing "Fortress":
  • Fortress, the Decepticon Seeker from Revenge of the Fallen.
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