Friend or Foe? Insect Robo is the eighth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on May 20, 1998 on TV Tokyo.



The Maximals learn that they are not so different to the Insectrons, while Starscream and BB do nothing much.


Starscream and BB, travelling in their jet modes, discuss their plot against the Maximals and Insectrons. Below, the Maximals discuss the newly found Insectrons: Mantis, Bigmos and Tonbot. Bighorn is quite enraged about the Insectrons and their attacks. While Bighorn, Diver, and Tasmania Kid wander off from the Maximal base to look for the Insectrons, Starscream and BB have apparently discovered the location of the robotic insects.

Meanwhile, new Insectrons are shown: Drill Nuts (a bole weavel) and Scissorboy (an earwig) arrive on the surface via an underground entrance. As Drill Nuts attempts to use a detection device, fellow Insectron Powerhug (a pill bug) rolls in. Drill Nuts, the tech-head of the Insectrons, continue to work on his device. The device works and detects Bighorn, Diver, and Kid approaching. As the Maximals approach, the two factions fight square off in character-appropriate fashions: Drill Nuts and Diver, both tech-heads, fight, as do Scissorboy and Kid and Powerhug and Bighorn. Starscream and BB watch from a nearby cliff.

As the Insectrons and Maximals continue to fight, Scuba communicates with Lio Convoy about the location of the battle. As the battle progresses, Drill Nuts fires a missile at Diver, but it falls short and doesn't detonate. Frustrated, Drill Nuts goes to inspect it and even Diver helps him look at it. One by one, all the fighters transform into their beast modes and realize they are similar. The fighting stops and the two sides begin to discuss what happened. Thrust and Dirge meet up with Starscream and BB as the Maximals and Insectrons discuss more of the issues. They attack the two sides and send the Insectrons retreating back underground. Lio Convoy and the rest of the Maximal forces arrive and help Diver, Tasmania Kid and Bighorn retreat. Back at the Maximal base, Lio Convoy and his crew discuss the Insectrons again. Bighorn has completely changed his feelings on the Insectrons and wonders what will happen in the future. As the Maximals ponder, the new Insectrons are back above ground. Drill Nuts works on his device while Scissorboy laughs at Powerhug rolling around.


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