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Furman's Weight Watchers is a business in the Generation One continuity.


Better to Jazzercise now, rather than live, knowing that I ran!

Furman's Weight Watchers is a gym (or possibly a diet clinic) in Washington, D.C.. It is located at the bottom of a three-story building, presumably situated below apartments. It does not appear to be far from the White House, and is across the street from Rimmer's Ooptician.


Marvel UK Continuity

As a team of remote-controlled Insecticons rampaged through the greater Washington area, Furman's Weight Watchers was unfortunately in the path of their onslaught; the building housing the business soon caught fire. Plague of the Insecticons! Whether their insurance covered giant robot bugs is anyone's guess.

(Note: This business was obviously a nod to Simon Furman, the writer of the story. Whether he was undergoing weight problems at the time is uncertain.)

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