New York's finest example of 'Bot Deco.

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1930s Chicago is not Percy's kind of town.


Team two — Roadblock, Beach Head, the Baroness and a Cobra trooper — realize they've materialized in 1930s Chicago. The trooper, Percy, immediately begins to freak out; time travel is just more than he can deal with. The rest, meanwhile, debate using stealth (the Baroness) vs. force (the Joes). Muscle carries the day for the moment, and the team is soon looking down at their first target, a blue and red truck. Beachhead beats information out of the goons who are loading it, and learns that a local crime boss found the truck with five other vehicles, and has them in a garage under his nightclub. The team decides to activate the robot, figuring some muscle on their side might be useful. They're in luck — it's Optimus Prime.[1] A few explanations later, the team is on their way to the other targets.

On Cybertron, the Teletran 3 tower is surrounded by a platoon of Decepticons. Inside, Perceptor has secured Blitzwing, but Magnus is growing weary from holding the force field up. There's only 6 hours of power left.

Meanwhile, decades earlier: The Baroness, in sultry period dress[2], is getting a tour of Tommy Fingers' nightclub. Roadblock (introducing himself as "Miles Davis") secures a trumpet gig with the band. After the set, he bashes his way past a few goons in back, and summons the others. The Baroness arrives, having slipped Fingers a sleeping pill. Inside, Prime and company find four cars. The Baroness learned from Fingers that the last target, a truck, is packed with dynamite to be used in a bank heist. If they forcibly reactivate him, they risk setting it off, damaging the Transformer, and being unable to return him to Cybertron. To compound the problems, Prime doesn't know who they're looking at, so they debate whether to activate the four.

Before a decision can be reached, however, the choice is made for them. Breakdown wasn't mode-locked at all; and he doesn't care a whit for Earth's future. He transforms, blasts Prime, and activates his three comrades — the Stunticons!

Prime and the humans flee, with the four Decepticons hot on their tail. With some suppression fire from the Joes, and a collapsed bridge, Prime just barely manages to stay ahead of them. The last Cybertronian appears ahead, but the Stunticons are still coming up fast. As they prepare to fire, the Baroness says "screw it", and blasts the truck. The dynamite goes off. The Baroness activates the last 'bot — Motormaster — who transforms and falls on his butt, with little more than a nasty headache. As they teleport back to the future, she explains her reasoning: They're giant robots! Of course dynamite's not gonna hurt them!

The pessimistic Percy exults that he's still alive.

Another time, another place, and the third team materializes — amid the ruins of a destroyed city. And what appears to be a skyscraper-sized leg.


Story: Dan Jolley
Pencils: Joe Ng, Tim Seeley
Inks: Andrew Pepoy
Coloring: Jeremy Roberts)
Lettering: Dreamer Design
Editor: Mark Powers

  • Release date: October 13, 2004

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Joes Cobras Others


"I could hogtie him, leave him here. I haven't hogtied anybody in weeks."
"It's a thought."

Beachhead and Roadblock debate how to deal with a freaking-out Percy

"Y'know, under the circumstances, I actually find watching a bunch of guys get punched in the head kind of comforting."

Percy, watching Beachhead at work

"Y'know, since we're basically here to change history... I mean, if we're successful, none of this will ever happen, right? So what's it matter if anybody sees us?"
"Do be quiet."

Percy critiques the plot for us; the Baroness isn't having any of it.

"I can't believe she picked him. I mean, she said she'd need me, right?"
"Roadblock seemed to be the more logical choice, given the situation."
"Y'know, it doesn't help my state of mind that I'm talking to a truck right now."

Percy and Optimus Prime

"What's your name, son?"
"Uh... um. I shouldn't tell you that, should I? I mean — you're a G.I. Joe."
"I'm not going to ask you again."
"Ah. It's, um. Percy."
"Good. Shut up, Percy."

Beachhead and Percy kill the time.

Roadblock: Evenin'! One o' y'all spare a cigarette?
Goon #1: Hey man, you shines was hot tonight, but this ain't where the band cools their heels. You'd best fade.
Roadblock: I know, brother, but I ran out of butts, and I'm dyin' for one.
Goon #2: Okay, okay, I think I got a couple —


Roadblock: [to unconscious goons] Sorry, boys. I don't even smoke.

"Good thing I just kept quiet and listened. 'Cause I'm not locked into anything... and I really couldn't care less what happens to Earth."

Breakdown, about to cause a lot of trouble

"Hey -- I'm still alive!"

Percy survives his time-travel adventures


  • None yet identified

Items of note

  • Roadblock identifies a 1935 and 1936 Ford, providing a earliest-possible date for this issue's events.
  • Most of the Decepticons in this issue appear in the crowd shot surrounding the Teletran 3 tower. They're tiny, however, and not all clearly identifiable.
  • In the absence of Motormaster, Breakdown leads the Stunticons.
  • Period alternate modes shown in this issue include:
    • Optimus Prime = 6-wheeled truck
    • Breakdown = cool
    • Dead End = sweet
    • Drag Strip = awesome
    • Wild Rider = kickass
    • Motormaster = 6-wheeled truck
  • Cover A features Wheeljack integrated into the design of New York City's Chrysler Building. Neither Wheeljack nor New York appear in the issue. Red herring!
  • As with last issue, the whole issue is pretty much slathered in awesome.


Let's see what you can see...

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Specifics: alt cover
  • Cover A: Art Deco Wheeljack and some mug with a tommy gun, by E. J. Su and Roberts.
  • Cover B: by Polina and Roberts.


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  1. A red and blue truck turns out to be Optimus. Go fig.
  2. For sufficiently lax definitions of "period".