The Galvaburg II is a Predacon starship from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Galvatron borrowed this ship from Ludwig Von Koopa.

The Galvaburg II is the starship used by Galvatron and his Predacons to reach Gaea, also serving as their mobile fortress.


Beast Wars II animation

While being chased by Lio Convoy's Maximals on board the Yukikaze, Galvatron took the Galvaburg II through transwarp space and arrived on Gaea. The Galvaburg II effectively crippled the Yukikaze and remained the Predacons' mobile base of operations on Gaea. The Galvaburg II remained operational all the way until the final battle on the artificial planet Nemesis, where it was destroyed when the planetoid self-destructed.

Beast Wars II manga


  • The fate of the Galvaburg I remains unknown. Quite possibly, it suffered the same end as the Hindenburg.

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