Galvatron Revived is the fifth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on April 29, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




On Gaea, the Destrons launch flying saucers with attacking tentacles at the Cybertrons in their latest attempt to destroy them. With some difficulty, the Cybertrons attend to taking care of the new enemy devices. They do not gain headway until Lioconvoy shows up and starts to slash at the small ships with his lion claws. While the Cybertrons battle the flying saucers, Megastorm decides to dispose of the comatose Galvatron's body. In the meantime, the Cybertrons have defeated the saucers and are back at base recharging in the CR Chamber.

Megastorm grabs a bulldozer and carries Galvatron's body to a Angolmois Energy pit. He then drops the comatose body into the pit and assumes that Galvatron is no more. A roar is then heard in the pit and a mighty energy ball rises. Inside the energy sphere is Galvatron in his super-powered Robot Mode. He pins Megastorm to the ground and prepares to destroy him when Megastorm sees the Cybertrons.

As the Cybertrons approach, Galvatron prepares to fight. An ineffective attack in robot mode forces Galvatron to transform into tank drill mode. The fast and powerful tank drill mode drives the Maximals up a mountain. As Galvatron chases Lioconvoy (who is in lion mode), Lioconvoy injures himself while climbing up a steep set of rocks. Basically unable to move, Lioconvoy is helpless and Galvatron prepares to fire on him from the tip of his drill. As Galvatron is power up, Scuba has dug underneath him and blasted him off the mountain into a pile of rubble.

Having thought they won, the Cybertrons prepare to return to base. However, Galvatron absorbs some random Angolmois energy and a black cloud with his essence begins to follow the Cybertrons. Soon, the rocks he was buried under begin to fly off and Galvatron reveals his dragon beast mode. Menacing and large, the dragon breathes fire on the Cybertrons and has gained the upper hand. As Galvatron has victory at hand, Megastorm fires his shoulder cannon at Galvatron in an attempt to finish the job he could not finish before. The fire from the cannon destroys the cliff Galvatron was standing on, and he is knocked back into a Angolmois pit.

As the Cybertrons leave, thankful for their lives, the Angolmois pit begins to bubble.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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