Galvatron Runs Wild is the twelfth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on June 17, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




In an underground cavern, the Autorollers are busy at work on a piping system to a containment unit that will hold raw Angolmois Energy. During the work, the Autorollers talk about how they have been mistreated by the Destrons and are considering any changes that may come their way. Starscream, hiding in the shadows, overhears all this.

Scuba is sitting on top of a mountain, meditating. Soon, he decides to start drilling into the ground in his beast mode and go site-seeing. His drilling leads him to this cavern with tunnels. The tunnels lead him to the underground room the Autorollers were working in. Scuba begins to spy on the Autorollers, but is soon caught from behind by Autojetter. Autojetter knocks Scuba unconscious by using the guns on his arms as a blunt instrument. Scuba wakes up to find himself restrained to a chair surrounded by Autorollers.

At the surface, Starscream and BB are at the control station that the Autorollers were building the piping station for. BB turns on the valves to the piping system and unleashed a mass amount of pure raw energy to drown the Autorollers in the underground room.

Underground, the Autorollers have become aware that the energy is heading towards them and that the piping system is incomplete. Short of enough hands to complete the task in time, Scuba convinces them to let him help. They release Scuba and all five work on finishing a loop in the piping system to control the energy flow.

A weak Galvatron, meanwhile, has been drilling through the underground and has discovered the piping and the runaway energy flow. He drills into the pipe and then transforms into dragon mode. He grabs the pipe and causes a cave-in at the underground room. Neither the Autorollers or Scuba are injured. Galvatron surfaces with the piping in his mouth and takes the feed from the pipes. As Galvatron takes in more and more of the Angolmois Energy, he grows exponentially. Megastorm, Thrust, and Dirge watch this in amazement on the ship, while Starscream fears for his life on the ground. He tells BB to shut off the flow to the energy. Soon, the feed stops and Galvatron starts to get angry.

The Cybertrons have watched the happenings from their base, when Scuba contacts them. They meet up with Scuba, who tells them that he has a plan. The plan is to involve working with the Autorollers, which the Cybertrons are initially not to fond of. Although they do not see eye to eye, they go ahead with the plan.

Lioconvoy finds Galvatron and begins to battle with the much-larger Galvatron. As Galvatron chases Lionconvoy, the Autorollers prepare to do something with some piping connected to the energy flow. Galvatron trips up Lionconvoy with his tail and goes to grab him with his mouth. As he is about to bite, Lionconvoy grabs his mouth and holds it open. At Lioconvoy's and Scuba's signal, the Cybertrons turn on the flow to the energy and the Autorollers aim the flow towards Galvatron's mouth. Galvatron takes in so much energy that he overloads and busts at the seams. Losing his size through an escape of energy, he is uncontrolably flung off into the sea. At the bottom of the sea, he lays there barely able to move.

Outside the tunnel, the Cybertrons thank the Autorollers for their cooperation. While a future allegience is uncertain, all seems to be well between the two parties. After some joking around and uncertainty about the future, the Autorollers head back into the tunnel.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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