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Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday is a novel in the Live-action movie continuity family.

Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday is a mass market paperback novel that serves as prequel to the live-action Transformers film.

For further information, see Wikipedia's entry on the novel.

Vital statistics

ISBN# 978-0-345-49798-7
Writer: Alan Dean Foster
Story concept: David Cian
Pagecount: 286

Major characters:


Set in 1969 just after the Apollo 11 moon launch, the novel revolves around Sector Seven's attempted transport of the Ice Man and the ill-fated test of an Ice Man-derived spacecraft, Ghost 1, which pulls a Farscape and gets a preview of what's coming Earth's way in July 2007.


  • The novel was originally announced as being written by David Cian but after turning in a (self-admittedly [1] rushed) first draft he was replaced by Alan Dean Foster who then rewrote the novel to an unknown extent. Foster is the lone name on the binding, while Cian receives a story credit inside.
  • The book as published only marginally resembles Cian's description of the one he was writing, and features a much more defined scope and focus.[2]
  • Much of the plot takes place on a planet reminiscent of the setting of Dune; desert environment, pillars with glyphs carved into them, sandworms, etc.

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