Giant Decepticon Soldier is a Decepticon (duh) from the Generation One continuity family.
Destron soldier

We can't be silent for he might be giant, and what are we going to do unless he is?

The Giant Decepticon Soldier loves to try and stomp things. Like tiny Micromasters, log cabins, and tiny women. Stomping is what he does.

Japanese name: Kyodai Destron Heishi (巨大デストロン兵士)


Micromasters commercial

Destronsoldier micromasters


Stomping along, Giant Decepticon Soldier tried to stomp a tiny Micromaster city. The Micromasters didn't cotton to this and swarmed him like hundreds of tiny ninjas, crawling all over Soldier and toppling him. Micromasters commercial

Note: It is worth mentioning that the city Warrior was trying to stomp contained both Autobot and Decepticon Micromaster bases. Clearly, he is indiscriminate in his stomping.

The Ultimate Guide

The Giant Decepticon Soldier is shown in an illustration of Maccadam's Old Oil House, where he appears to be serving the role of bouncer, hauling an unruly patron away via the popular "robo-snuggy" move. Here he's not exactly giant, but still pretty big. Any relation to Maccadams' other bouncer, Rocky, is speculative at best.


  • His model appears to be a frankensteining of several extant characters with details altered; his feet seem to derive from the Autobot Headmaster Fortress Maximus, his torso and forearms from Cerebros, while his head, shins and colors are generally reminiscent of the Decepticon Headmaster Scorponok.

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