Gigastorm's Treachery is the twenty-seventh episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on October 21, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




As the Nemesis continues its journey towards Gaea, it passes by a ringed planet.

At the Destron ship, Gigastorm shrinks himself so he can fit inside again. He once again goes to attend to his brother and sees that he is improving but still comotose. Unwilling to give up the control of the Destrons, Gigastorm decides it would be better to kill Galvatron. He grabs a chainsaw and attempt to use it on his brother. The saw doesn't even penetrate Galvatron's shell. At the Cybertron base, Lioconvoy, Apache, Skywarp, and Santon are discussing the newest plan of attack against the Destrons. Meanwhile, Lio Junior, Diver, Tasmanian Kid, and Bighorn are watching Scuba manuver the Tako-Tank. A disturbance in Gaea causes Lio Jr's matrix energy to flux, and Lio Jr runs off to find the source. The rest of the Cybertrons around the Tako-Tank follow.

While the Autorollers continue working on their newest Angolmois pumping station, Gigastorm continues to use the chainsaw on Galvatron. Figuring that its not working, Gigastorm decides to try and overload Galvatron's system by pumping in a large amount of Angolmois Energy. As Gigastorm turns on the energy, Starscream and BB attempt to stop him. However, its too late. A large explosion occurs and clouds the room. As the smoke clear, Galvatron has awakened and is re-energized.

Several of the Cybertrons have caught up to Lio Jr and they find out that the Autorollers have been building yet another Angolmois pumping station. They rush the Autorollers and begin to fight. At the Destron base, Galvatron senses the battle and beams an order to the Nemesis in space. Meanwhile, the Cybertrons run into the base. Lioconvoy and the rest of the team arrive an follow suit into the base. The Destrons close the doors behind them and close them in. Meanwhile, Galvatron forces the Nemesis to absorb the energy from the rings of planet to force a beam down on the pumping station. The beam from the Nemesis destroys the station, and the Destrons believe the Cybertrons to be destroyed. One by one, however, the Cybertrons dig out of the rubble. A battle breaks out, and all Destrons rush to fight except for Gigastorm. As the battle wages on, Gigastorm is located behind at rock outcrop behind Galvatron. Instead of assisting, Gigastorm sees this as his chance to destroy the Destron leader. He fires missles from the cannon on the back of his head and knocks Galvatron off his feet. Galvatron looks back to see Gigastorm running off. As the Tako-Tank arrives to help, Galvatron goes after Gigastorm. As the two start to tussle, Galvatron has ordered the Destron ship to fly overhead. The ship fires its ray on Gigastorm and shrinks him to a small size. Galvatron grabs Gigastorm and is about to rip him to pieces. Lioconvoy uses his Lion Typhoon to throw both of the Destron strongmen away from the battle. The Destrons retreat to the ship, with Galvatron warning Gigastorm not to cross him again.

The Cybertrons stand at the foot of the pumping station ruins, stunned at the devastation caused by the ruins. Even though they won today, they wonder how they can stop the Nemesis.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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