Glass gas is a weapon from the Generation One continuity family.

Glass gas undocumented feature: Involuntary description in detail of what is happening to you.

The Autobot Cliffjumper wields the fearsome glass gas against his foes. It coats his foes and alters the crystalline structure of their component metals, making them as brittle as glass. Cliffjumper is always pleased with the gruesome result - as long as he remembers to stay upwind.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

In his first encounter with the Decepticons on Earth, Cliffjumper used his glass gas against Starscream and Thundercracker when they ambushed him at a drive-in theater. The Transformers (comic issue)

When searching for the Dinobots, Cliffjumper somehow used his glass gas to actually transform a human boat INTO glass. Dinobot Hunt


Cliffjumper managed to talk Wheeljack into rebuilding the glass gas gun. after the old one was destroyed, presumably along with Cliffjumper.[1]

Shattered Glass

When Cliffjumper winds up in another universe and is forced to team up with the local Decepticons, Starscream gains Cliffjumper's aid in replicating the glass gas formula, so that they can use it on the Ark. After finally learning to trust these Decepticons, Cliffjumper sprays the gas all over the support beams for the platform, causing it to collapse, leaving it ruined. Shattered Glass

Cartoon continuity

Cliffjumper first used his glass gas in vehicle mode, firing a burst at Laserbeak's remote-flying laser cannon after the Decepticons caught him and Hound spying on them. The cannon was destroyed in mid-air. It's a gas! More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

On another occasion, Cliffjumper released the gas (underwater) to shatter the wall of the Decepticons' undersea base, allowing him to rescue the kidnapped Sparkplug Witwicky. The Ultimate Doom, Part 1

Later, he somehow used the gas to form a solid sphere of glass crystal around Megatron. Unfortunately, Megatron shattered it like, well, you know. Heavy Metal War


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