Glitch is an Autobot Action Master partner from the Generation One continuity family.
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Glitch is a brilliant spy, completing an impressive array of missions. Missions for which his moronic partner Rollout gets the credit. Considering that Glitch not only does the work, but keeps Rollout alive, the credit distribution isn't exactly fair, but them's the breaks.


Generation One

  • Glitch (Action Master, 1990)
G1Rollout toy

Seen here before he hit it big on ReBoot

Glitch's toy turns from a robotty thing with gun-arms to a gun-like thing with a spring-loaded pop-out blaster-barrel. Like all Action Master partners, he can be held by any Action Master figure, and his barrel can be extended by attaching a figure's hand-held rifle to it. Glitch was only available with his Action Master partner Rollout.

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