The Global Building Corporation is a front company for the Constructicons in the Generation One continuity family.
Condo city

Condo City offers a great view of your own doom.

Shortly after the Decepticons' awakening on Earth, the Global Building Corporation began a series of worldwide construction projects, completing mammoth sports arenas, living complexes and office towers in mere weeks.

All the Global buildings were secretly rigged to lower into the earth, trapping the people within. Megatron planned to hold the people hostage, demanding the Earth's total surrender to him.

Global Buildings


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Megatron kept careful track of Global buildings worldwide on his Destructor Board, showing their status. When the 100th building was completed, Megatron would press the Destructor Button, taking the 5 million people hostage.

When Jazz discovered their plans, Megatron activated the button, causing 98 buildings worldwide to sink into the Earth. A special session of the United Nations was called to address the Decepticons' demands.

Megatron (and Global Building Corporation) were thwarted when, in the midst of an attack of the Decepticon fortress, Mirage teleported (!) to the controls and raised the buildings again, then destroyed the controls. Battle for Earth

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