Glow Rocks are a mineral in the Go-Bots continuity family.
Glow rocks

"Five point bonus if I destroy the ones not doing anything!"

Glow Rocks are strange glowing meteorites that bombarded Earth. A typical Glow Rock is approximately four meters in diameter, glows green, and displays no motive power, seeming to drift with the wind. Glow Rocks seem to appear only over water, and may be drawn to human highways.

The Glow Rocks' exact nature is unknown. Aerobot's destruction of the Glow-Rocks and freeing of his friends seems to have caused red 'Zap Rocks' (which cause damage) to appear, and the imprisoning Glow Rocks suddenly became more secure- requiring a second 'key' rock to be destroyed before the prisoner could be freed. This would seem to indicate either a motive intelligence, or at least adaptive ability on the part of the Glow Rocks.

(Note: The method by which the Glow Rocks imprisoned the other Go-Bots is unknown. Physical contact with Aerobot caused them to shatter... so that probably wasn't it.)


Glow Rock Rescue game

While Aerobot was away at Botropolis, Earth was bombarded by Glow Rocks. The Go-Bots became imprisoned among clouds of floating Glow Rocks clustered around an unknown human city in North America.

Upon his return, Aerobot destroyed all the Glow rocks and freed his friends.

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