A voracious and fearless robot. Though he originated as just another Sharkticon, Gnaw seems to be loyal only to the one who fed him last, be they Quintesson, Decepticon, or even Autobot. He has a voracious appetite. In recent times he's befriended the young Autobot Wheelie and seems fairly loyal and devoted to the boy.

Note: Fictionally, Gnaw is a Sharkticon. His toy was sold in the US as a Decepticon. The Japanese line considered him an "Animatron" (ie. a Predacon), and in his only fictional appearance thus far he was a staunch Autobot and best friend to Wheelie. For someone with an intelligence of "3", he's a bit complicated.

French name (Canada): Fringalo


Dreamwave comics continuity


"Oh, anyone get the number of that truck that ran me over?"

During the Great Shutdown, the Quintessons sent swarms of Sharkticons to Cybertron for an unknown purpose, possibly to infiltrate and conquer the planet (again). Some of them encountered the revived Shockwave and Scourge, Unicron's chief agent. Gnaw was damaged, presumably in battle with these two, and was abandoned on Cybertron when the other Sharkticons were called home. Following the great revival, an amnesiac Gnaw came across the young Autobot named Wheelie, and the two formed a strong bond. Gnaw later followed Wheelie in joining the resistance movement alongside Hot Rod, Kup and several others.

He saved Optimus Prime from the Battlechargers in his own... unique style (Tastes great! Less filling!). Gnaw took Prime to his resistance group, but when Prime awoke, his first sight was Gnaw, who he thought was trying to eat him, and attacked. Wheelie took this poorly, and bit Prime's foot. Obviously the little guy and the Sharkticon have been hanging around each other for too long. Gnaw was last seen working with Wheelie under Ultra Magnus' command on Cybertron.

Note: It is heavily implied that Gnaw ate the two Battlechargers. But later on, the two are up and moving around fine and dandy... until Sunstorm beats them up again in another seemingly-fatal attack that a later issue says "oh no, they survived!".


Generation One

G1 Gnaw toy

Been hitting the energon goodies too much, have we?

  • Gnaw (Decepticon, 1986)
    • Accessories: Tail, "Maceration Laser"
Gnaw transforms into something that looks like a cross between a shark and a frog. A frark, perhaps. His tail separates to become a mace for his robot mode. There is a minor variation to the toy. In some releases, his beast-mode legs are held together by three screws, where others are held together by two.
Some releases of Gnaw also came with one of four pieces to a The Transformers: The Movie poster with glow-in-the-dark elements.


  • Gnaw/Sharkticon was barely released in Japan. At first, he was a promotional item as part of a Beastformer giveaway. He was later made available in limited quantities, seemingly in US packaging, as a mail-away item during 1988's Masterforce series.

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