The Go-Bot Council is a governing body in the Go-Bots continuity.


Leading the Go-Bots nets you nifty robes.

The Go-Bot Council is evidently a triumvirate of leaders residing on Botropolis, a city that has existed since "the dawn of time" on the head of a soaring comet.

Every year, the Council is responsible for the selection of a team of Go-Bots to protect and serve a planet they judge needs their assistance the most. This is annual, which means at least a few Go-Bots must be trained or experienced before the next selection takes place.

Their criteria for member selection appears to consist of "the best", "the fastest", "the strongest", "the wildest" and "the most clever" of the available Go-Bots, although it has been implied that if one trains hard enough, they may one day be able to join an active Go-Bot team.


Go-Bots cartoon

The Go-Bot Council rose out of the floor of a massive stadium on a hovering platform. The green councilor then greeted the assembled citizens of Botropolis and informed them that, for the current year, they had chosen the planet Earth as the world most in need of their aid.


They choose the fez-iest in Fez-Bot

As the Council's hover-platform moved over the gathered Go-Bots, the black councilor selected Aero-Bot for "the best" with a beam of light emitted from the platform, with other Go-Bots chosen in this fashion. The green councilor selected Speed-Bot for "the fastest". Strong-Bot, Beast-Bot and Buzzer-Bot were subsequently selected for "the strongest", "the wildest" and "the most clever" respectively with no single councilor making a motion.

Thus, Earth's Go-Bot team was formed! Once the team was assembled, the Earth team traversed the stars to their assigned planet, and the mission was put underway. And that is when the animated mini-series begins with our team of Go-Bots.


  • The three council members we see appear to be based on pre-existing Go-Bot character models. The red councilor is based on Buzzer-Bot's wasp form, the black councilor is based on Speed-Bot's standard car form, and the green councilor is based on Beast-Bot's gorilla form.
  • The symbols on the front of the green councilor's robe seem to be a hut, a raincloud, a tree, and some kind of reverse "N". This may be Botropolis for some sort of position either within the council or with something else.

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