This article is about the 2003 cartoon series based on the Playskool kids' TF line. For the Tonka GoBots cartoon from the 80s, see Challenge of the GoBots.
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The Go-Bots cartoon series serves as a companion to the Go-Bots toyline. It centers on the adventures of Aero-Bot, Beast-Bot, Buzzer-Bot, Speed-Bot, and Strong-Bot, a group of robotic protectors sent to Earth from their home city of Botropolis. (Botropolis is clearly on an alien world, but the name of that planet isn't given.) These Go-Bots can transform from their robot mode to a variety of altmodes, each representing one of the toys released under their name (For example, Beast-Bot can turn into both a gorilla and a cheetah.

Being intended for very young children, the series is quite formulaic. In each episode, a young and reckless Go-Bot arrives on Earth from their homeworld and begins to inadvertently cause trouble by exploring the world and their own abilities. Then the protector Go-Bots jump into action, trying to reason with the new arrival and trying to undo the harm he is causing. Eventually the careless youngster ends up endangering himself and is rescued by the other Go-Bots, at which point he realizes his mistakes, apologizes, and returns to Botropolis, promising to train so that he can one day become a planet's protector just like his new friends.

The show was neither referred nor compared to in any way with Transformers. There were only four episodes produced, each of which is just over 10 minutes long. The first 2 episodes came packed with a Speed-Bot toy in 2003. The last two episodes actually aired on television, but only twice, and only in the New York and Chicago areas. The episodes are:

  1. Typhoon Twister
  2. Arctic Oil Spill
  3. Reptron's Rampage
  4. Racer-Bot Road Rally


It was not made into a full series.

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