The name or term Golden Disk refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Golden Disk (disambiguation).
The Golden Disk is an artifact in the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Golddendisk paradron

For Heterodyne's sake! This is getting a little bit ridiculous...

The Golden Disk is an artifact from the planet Paradron.


Dreamwave comics

Ancient Transformer Symbol

The chamber in Paradron's core where the Golden Disk was found bore this symbol.

Countdown encountered a race very similar to Transformers on the planet Paradron that had almost been wiped out by Skystalker. Traveling to the planet's core, Countdown discovered the Golden Disk inside a chamber marked by a strange symbol (at left.) Destined For Nothing (backstory)

Countdown discovered that the Golden Disk contained a wealth of information, some of it beamed directly from Cybertron, including information about the Transformers racial destiny as intergalactic peacekeepers, and future steps in their species's evolution. Skystalker was hot to acquire the artifact, but Countdown took it with him. Recipe For Hate (backstory)


  • The art strongly implies that the Golden Disk Megatron found in the Forbidden Zones is connected to the one found on Paradron. A promotional image by Don Figueroa (which became a cover) portrayed the Paradron disk as the Voyager's Golden Disk, though this cannot be discerned from the art of the series itself. Countdown's discovery of the disk predates the Voyager's creation by 3.5 million years.
  • Countdown claimed he had pursued Skystalker all the way to Paradron's core, but the art shows Skystalker surreptitiously tailing Countdown and Groundshaker. Given that Countdown conceals the Disk's existence from Fortress Maximus and Ultra Magnus in his retelling, this may represnt a deliberate concealment of something else that led him to Paradron's core.

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