— Bumblebee is less than impressed by his DLC costume

—They call me 'Goldfire'! ... Ridiculous, I know

Personality & Character

Bumblebee is extremely loyal to Optimus Prime even going as to getting blown up to save the Autobots.


Goldbug, or Goldfire is the reborn form of the young Autobot Bumblebee. In G.I. Joe and the Transformers, Bumblebee was destroyed by G.I Joe due to a misunderstanding. With the help of Autobot doctor and medic Ratchet, they rebuilt him as Goldfire. [


None known.



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Notes & Trivia

Goldfire is able to be unlocked in Transformers Devastation by purchasing the DLC Bundle. Once bought, he comes with the Nemesis Prime skin for Optimus Prime and Red Alert skin for Sideswipe.


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