Golobulus is a...thing in the Generation One continuity family


Golobulus is the ruler of Cobra-La. Part man, part snake, part crab. All ridiculous.


G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers

Many millennia ago Unicron came to Earth and threatened to devour it when he was stopped in his tracks by the citizens of Cobra-La, including a female human/snake hybrid similar to Golobulus. Cobra-La threatened Unicron with a metal eating spore and an agreement was struck whereby Cobra-La would go into seclusion and watch over the development of the human race, occasionally helping it along. Then when the humans reached sufficient numbers and advanced technology, Cobra-La would send for Unicron who would return and take the humans as slaves to maintain his body, leaving the planet to be ruled by Cobra-La. Black Horizon Part 1

Golobulus was the ruler of Cobra-La in the present day. He ascribed his hatred of humanity to their damaging effects on the planet Earth and their use of mechanical technology; a hatred that was only enhanced by their alliance with the Autobots. In spite of this Golobulus made use of several Decepticons who had crashed in the Himalayas, though he gave them organic Pretender shells that concealed their robotic forms. With humanity having now reached the necessary state of development and growth he summoned Unicron. Black Horizon Part 1 However he had taken precautions against Unicron reneging on the deal by cultivating a supply of the metal eating spores. Golobulus prepared to sacrifice the Joe Firewall in honour of Unicron, but his plans were partially undermined by Pythona who allowed the long-time prisoner Joe Colton to escape and help Hawk, Flint, Optimus Prime and Cosmos to discover the spores and release them inside Unicron destroying the mighty robot. When the sacrifice ceremony was interrupted by Colton, Hawk and Prime Golobulus declared that he would wipe out all of the Autobots, only to be pummelled by Prime's fist. He was not shown amongst the survivors of Cobra-La taken into human custody. Black Horizon Part 2

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