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Bw-s01e10-titlecard-Gorilla Warfare

A virus, courtesy of Scorponok, turns Optimus into an overly aggressive fighting machine.

Japanese title: 殺人ウィルス (Satsujin Virus "Murderous Virus")


While out on a specimen gathering mission, Optimus Primal and Dinobot are ambushed by Scorponok, who manages to implant a Cyber Bee onto Optimus' chest before being driven away. Back at base, it's learned that the Bee contains a viral mine designed by Scorponok to infect Optimus' core systems and humble his personality, making him too cowardly to adequately lead. Because the mine has infected all of Primal's core systems, removing the Bee is impossible without killing the Maximal commander, and doing so would trigger a self-destruct in the Bee that would destroy everything within a given radius, regardless.

However, when the mine is fully activated, it ends up having the opposite effect on Primal, turning him into a crazed berserker. Obviously, Scorponok's 'notorious incompetence' has caused the Predacons' plan to backfire. Still, in his current state, Primal is now a danger to himself and his teammates, and is still at risk of perishing under the system drain of the mind, forcing the Maximals to confine him while they debate over what to do next, knowing that Scorponok would have the antivirus for the mine but unsure of how to acquire it. With what little bit of clarity he has left, Optimus convinces Cheetor that they could use the mine against the Preds, taking advantage of their lack of knowledge of the mine's malfunction to launch a surprise assault to force the Preds into relinquishing the antivirus, but when brought to the rest of the crew, his plan is shot down as being far too risky and dangerous to attempt, prompting Optimus to strike out on his own.

Their options running short, Dinobot ironically suggests they 'think like the old Optimus' and suggests negotiating with the Predacons for the cure, but their attempt only serves to give the Predacons advanced warning of Optimus' new state and his oncoming assault. Now with the Preds on full alert and with no other course of action to take, the Maximals begrudgingly follow Optimus to the Predacon base to give him covering fire in his one-ape assault. Meanwhile, Optimus manages to thrash through all of Megatron's crew before confronting Megatron, who teasingly dangles the cure in front of his nose while giving an ultimatum: submit to him and live, or stay defiant and die from the mine. Optimus, inspired by a plant specimen from the mission at the beginning of the episode, chooses a third option, and rips the Bee from his chest, activating its self-destruct while tossing it onto Megatron, who is forced to drop the anti-virus and flee to Scorponok for help. Fortunately for Primal, the cavalry manages to arrive just in time for Cheetor to grab the cure and administer it to the Maximal leader before his spark gives out, and the Cyber Bee blows. With the crisis averted, the Maximals return to the Axalon to nurse their commander back to health.


"Yeeesss, from now on, I shoot my dinner salad before I eat it."

Dinobot encounters hostile plant life for the first time.

"All right... WHO WANTS SOME?!"

Optimus Primal just after he breaks out of the Maximal CR Chamber as a scary-aft berserker.

"...[Optimus] is flamin' your way on the red eye express, and he's ready for mainframe combat."

Cheetor making an in-joke to Megatron of Scorponok's screw up.


Writers: Greg Johnson
Original Air Date: October 14, 1996

Major Characters (in order of appearance): Optimus, Dinobot, Scorponok
Minor Characters (in order of appearance): Cheetor


  • Aaaw, character development. How sweet.
  • The Cybertronix on the screen in Scorponok's lab read 'youve got problems', though the text and message is upside down.
Waspinator's "death"
  • Waspinator gets sneak attacked by Optimus and then blasted away.

Technical/Animation Glitches

  • After the Maximals transform to engage Scorponok during his ambush, Scorponok is seen firing missiles at them. The animation pace for this particular sequence seems a lot faster than the pace for the rest of the episode.
  • After Scorponok is blasted and lands on the tree branch, his eye turns red instead of his usual yellow. They do this many times in the series.
  • Dinobot's face is messed up at about 12:15.
    • Yeah, he's smiling.
  • Whenever Cheetor is administering the cure, the handle appears out of his hand.

Continuity errors

  • Despite Rhinox's claims that removing the bee would activate a self destruct and destroy everyone in sprinting distance, Megatron and Scorponok manage to survive being at ground zero - despite the blast blowing a slag-off big hole in the Darksyde.

Transformers references

  • This episode has the first reference to a Spark in any Transformer animated continuity.
  • Megatron spends the entire episode in his beast mode.

Real-world references

  • In the scene where Primal busts into the Pred base, he swiftly punches through the wall with Waspinator on the other side and drags him back through the hole, the way Batman dealt with a thug in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
  • He also sticks Tarantulas to another wall with a pole, a la Jason Vorhees.

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