Greaser is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Greaser cardart

I'm not braggin', babe, so don't put me down.

Greaser of the Hot Rod Patrol grew up on the streets of Cybertron, participating in back-alley do-or-die races against violent thugs and future Decepticons. He has a record of petty larceny, and gets defensive if anyone brings up his history.[1]

By the way, in this context, "Greaser" refers to the American street gangs of the 1950s, with their greased-back hair. Y'know, like the Fonz. It's not the ethnic slur.


Dreamwave comics continuity

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Generation One

  • Hot Rod Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)
G1 Greaser toy

...very little.

Greaser transforms into a pale orange Ford "Deuce Coupe" hot rod with an enormous engine block that is taller than his roof. Though he has large rear wheels, he doesn't have a raised rear end like Big Daddy does, because of the vehicle's large wheelbays. In robot mode the front of the car forms a rather large backpack, but he does not have stability problems, partly due to his atypical leg formation that flips in a reserve direction to most other Micromaster figures, giving him large heels, but hollow shins with tiny feet.
He was sold in 1990 as part of the Hot Rod Patrol, along with Big Daddy, Hubs, and Trip-Up.

Return of Convoy

  • Hot Rod Patrol Team (Micro Trailer Team, 1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-362
    • Accessories: Micro Trailer #2
In Japan, the Hot Rod Patrol was sold in a box with a Micro Trailer. The individual Micromasters were identical to their Hasbro releases.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #3

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