Greengard is a planet in the Beast Wars Neo continuity family.

Special guest stars Belldandy, Skuld and Urd.

In legend, Greengard is a paradise. Its greenery never turning brown, its flowers never withering. All thanks to the Yggdrasil tree. It is one of the planets touched by Angolmois.


Beast Wars Neo comic


The Eigerbot Sanction

Longrack recalled the legend to Break and Stampy, which gave Break excessive expectations. Once there looking for an Angolmois capsule, the Maximals found Greengard to be an icy wasteland; icebergs were stretched throughout the landscape and the temperature was -40° Celsius. Break was particularly infuriated that the legend turned out to be inaccurate, even as Big Convoy pointed out that it was prime real estate for penguins.

The Angolmois capsule was situated on the highest peak, forcing the Maximals to scale it. Despite Archadis's attempt to do his job as a hitman, the Maximals were able to reach the capsule. Upon the Maximals breaking the capsule out of ice, the planet was transformed into the legend's description with the peak revealed as covering Yggdrasil, along with the appearance of birds who were somehow able to survive freezing weather. It became apparent that the Angolmois had been disrupting Yggdrasil's ability to maintain the planet. Leap High Towards Victory!!! Battle on the Mountain Peak!!!


  • Since "Yggdrasil" is a clear reference to Norse mythology, it's notable that the planet's name bears a similarity to "Asgard" and "Midgard", along with being a play on "green garden".