Greenlight, back when she was impetuous and untested, was once one of Cybertron's most promising young scientists. But then the war came. Unlike before, when she could only abstractly mourn for the lives lost, it took a loss of a friend to make her realize that she, too, had a stake in the outcome.


Greenlight was a member of the Female Autobots, an underground resistance movement on Cybertron. Four million years ago, she and the other Female Autobots tried to board the Ark, but they failed and were thought destroyed until they were rediscovered in modern times.


Greenlight was manning a series of monitors in the team's secret underground headquarters when Chromia and her team returned from their energy-stealing mission. Later, when their headquarters was located and destroyed, she and Lancer freed Moonracer from the debris. Sticking with the rest of the team, she did her share in the fight against the Decepticons and could again later be seen manning a series of monitors in the team's new base.

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