Greg is a Rescue Hero Go-Bot in the Go-Bots continuity.

Not a menace to society. Really.

The friendly Greg is always looking for adventure.


Japanese Go-Bots comic

While walking through a forest in robot mode, Greg spotted a crying baby monkey. Greg asked the monkey what was wrong, and he explained that he had lost his mother. As Greg transformed into dinosaur mode, the young monkey hopped onto his back, and the two set out to find the monkey's mother.

However, as they were searching, both Greg and the baby monkey grew sleepy. They fell asleep together under a tree, and Greg's loud snoring drew the attention of several forest animals. Among these was the monkey's mother, who reacted jubilantly to finding her lost offspring.

After the young monkey and his mother embraced, they scampered off into the forest, thanking Greg as they went. Greg, however, was still snoring loudly beneath the tree, and had missed the touching reunion entirely.

Rescue complete!


Rescue Hero Go-Bots

  • Greg (Basic Go-Bot)
Japanese ID number: GO-04
The Japanese recolor of the original Reptron. There are a number of paint differences between the two toys; the most telling is the blue stripes on Greg's rear legs that are absent on Reptron.

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