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Agent Fowler explains the Cybertronians background and existence on Earth to a General of the American military.


Agent Fowler is in a debriefing meeting with General Bryce over the events of the previous episode, while Private Bailey records the session. The general refuses to believe that the severely damaged robot in storage is not a "knock-off of Optimus Prime", as Fowler puts it; but the real McCoy. Bryce asks why no one has seen two Optimuses. Fowler states that seeing two Primes in the cross hairs was a not a good idea, given that the military was on a Bot hunt. He then changes subject, revealing that they now have greater intel regarding MECH, particularly their leader, Silas, aka Colonel Leland Bishop, ex-Special Tactics. Silas was formerly the architect of Project Damocles, a mothballed project which revolved around a satellite shooting lasers at any target on Earth, and the primary reason for Silas's discharge. Bryce points out that they have yet to find Silas' remains. Fowler brings up a more urgent concern, that MECH agents may be enlisted Special Tactics, an obvious motive for hiding their faces, and urges Bryce to perform a thorough investigation.

During this debriefing, Fowler gives the general some background about some members of Team Prime; including some of their enemies. He narrowly avoids mentioning he involved kids in a classified operation, only claiming that he's working with high accomplished civilians protected by the Autobots. Towards the end of the episode; Agent Fowler gets so frustrated that General Bryce doesn't believe him (including at one point mentioning the recent defeat of a "unicorn"), he calls Optimus to the meeting (the Autobot leader's appearance causing Vailey to fall down out of panic) and Optimus tells the general that he is fine and asks the question back at him. Bryce responds that he too is fine. He then tells Fowler that he has everything he needs to make a persuasive case to their superiors that Optimus is indeed alive and well and firmly on their side. Fowler thanks the general with a salute and walks out of the office as the battery in the camera runs out.


  • This episode is possibly the first clip show in Transformers: Prime; seeing as how most of the show used clips from previous episodes.
  • When talking about the Autobots, Agent Fowler never once mentioned Wheeljack. On the other hand, Wheeljack did call Fowler "tiny" so; maybe this was indirect payback.
  • Since most of the episode consists of flashbacks; Optimus is the only transformer to appear in the actual storyline of the episode.

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