The name or term Groove refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Groove (disambiguation).
Groove is an Autobot in the Universe conflict.

A member of the Micromaster Protectobots, Groove fights against the forces of the evil Unicron. He combines with his teammates to form Defensor. His relationship to any other "Groove" is unknown.



  • Autobot Groove (Micromaster Protectobot, 2004)
An exclusive to Kay-Bee stores, Groove is almost identical to the Micromaster Collection reissue of of Glide, transforming into a street performance motorcycle of undetermined model. His standard placement is as the "ass-guard" of Defensor, but he can also be used as the chest (which, due to his thin alternate mode, looks weird). He came with Defensor's pelvis and thighs.

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