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To prevent the others from becoming trapped, Vector Prime makes the ultimate sacrifice


The Space Bridge that appeared in the previous episode continues to fall apart. Coby suggests that the dimensional gate is closing and Bud laments that they're all doomed for the fifteenth time. After Bud asks him, Red Alert replies that he has no plan. Vector Prime does have a plan that is only noticed by a “Hmmm…” from him. Jolt, however, does not consent and is apparently a mind reader. Optimus Prime takes action and orders the panicking to stop. Then a short, traditional, “Primey” speech follows as Optimus suggests that they build a new space bridge generator. The Cybertron Defense Team start to argue among themselves that it's impossible, then Scattorshot realizes they can use the three starships to power the device. Optimus agrees to his plan and starts giving orders to get everything ready. When Metroplex is asked if he can build it, he coolly says that he has the best crew in two universes, and they all get to work.

Eventually, it is done. After Coby remarks that the new space bridge generator has “total perfection in both form and function,” Lori jokingly suggests that he marry it. They prepare to activate it, and Hot Shot complains that the suspense is killing him. Finally, Prime gives the order, and a space bridge appears in the sky. Another “Hmm?” from Vector Prime indicates that something is not right. Scattorshot agrees and hundreds of Laserbeak-look-alikes (seemingly survivors from Planet X) swarm out of the bridge. All Autobots begin firing on the swarm. After being told to shut down the bridge, Scattorshot realizes that he can’t control the mechanism any longer. After trying to take out some of them with his axe, Metroplex himself is taken out by the birds. Optimus transforms to Super Mode, declaring open season on robot birds. Optimus and Red Alert realize that they will be defeated by sheer numbers, and Vector Prime destroys the generator, saying that it is their “ticket to destruction.” The birds fade out of existence as Jetfire solemnly declares that it’s over for all of them. Optimus says that Vector Prime did the right thing and the Autobots try to decide whether or not to make a new generator, until Scattorshot declares that it simply can’t be done.

Vector Prime then says that they must go back the way they came, initiating more Autobot argument. Then Bud realizes that Vector Prime can take them back in time. Jolt protests, saying that doing so would kill Vector Prime. He and Jolt explain that since Vector Prime always lived outside of time, he must always exist. He reverses time after bidding everyone a fond farewell, giving Bud the planet map. Eventually, the Autobots finally arrive home safely. At the conclusion of the episode, Vector Prime appears as a ghost and says: “After eons of watching, I began a new life, with purpose and meaning. And though that life now ends, I know that in the hearts of these friends I have made, I shall live forever. Farewell, Bud, the future is my gift to you.”


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"Every single thing in the cosmos has a fixed life. Galaxies, planets, humans, Transformers... I alone have stood outside the reach of time, watching, ever vigilant, as the millennium marched past. I have seen oceans rise, continents shift and mountains crumble. I have seen brother rise against brother, and the decimation it leaves behind. And always the great cycle continues, as new life rises from the ashes of destruction. Now after eons of watching, I too have become part of the cycle, starting a new life with purpose and meaning, and though that life might end, I know now I will never die."

Vector Prime

"Vector Prime has always lived outside of time. For that reason, Vector Prime will always exist, as long as time itself exists, but we will never see him again. But I know he'll be there, watching over us."


"I finally understand the true value of time, for it is the bonds between us that give time its meaning."

Vector Prime

"We won't be able to ever see him again, but he'll always be with us in our hearts."


"After eons of watching, I began a new life, with purpose and meaning. And though that life now ends, I know that in the hearts of these friends I have made, I shall live forever. Farewell, Bud, the future is my gift to you."

Vector Prime


This is probably the best episode in the series.

Animation errors

Can Vector Prime's "helmet" move? Because it does.

Continuity errors

Transformer references

  • A silhouette of Generation One Optimus Prime appears in one scene.
  • When Vector Prime's giant spirit appears in the sky, it resembles Optimus Prime in "Dark Awakening".

Real world references

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