Guerilla Units are a type of Decepticlone from the Transformers (PS2) video game.


Gorilla unit?

Guerilla Units specialize in sneaking up on opponents, then savagely tearing them to shreds with their powerful arms. They are remarkably agile despite their size, using the terrain to bounce off vertical surfaces and dodge attacks while closing the gap on their targets. Guerilla Units are experts at melee combat, able to fend off even the likes of Optimus Prime with ease. Whilst Guerilla Units do not possess any firearms, they are armed with EMP grenades that temporarily interrupt the power flow of Autobot weapons and can even briefly cancel out energies from a Mini-Con Powerlinx, leaving their victims little choice but to engage them in melee combat or attempt to flee. The EMPs have remarkable range, seemingly able to hit a target from almost any line-of-sight distance; even if the EMP charge misses, chances are it will explode on a nearby obstacle or piece of terrain and detonate anyway. Guerilla Units can be especially difficult to deal with when in groups of two or more (You're slagged if they catch you badly damaged) when they group, as they will co-ordinate attacks with one another in order to prevent an Autobot from retaliating.

Guerilla Units are equipped with stealth shielding similar to the type employed by some Command Units, rendering them almost invisible to common visual sensors. This shield does not prevent them from showing up on other sensor ranges, however. Whilst Guerilla Units are all but untouchable when it comes to melee combat, they can sometimes leave themselves open to a ram attack by an Autobot in vehicle mode; such attacks can dispatch them fairly well.

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