This article is about the Maximal ship in Beast Wars Neo. For the G.I. Joe member, see Gung-Ho.
The Gung Ho is a Maximal starship from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Not to be confused with the mustachioed G.I. Joe Gung-Ho

The Gung Ho is the Maximal starship commanded by Supreme Commander Big Convoy.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

The Gung Ho was used by Big Convoy and his Maximal new recruits to hunt down the Angolmois energy capsule scattered all across the galaxy. It was a powerful craft, capable of transwarp travel, and could stand up to the firepower of the Predacon ship, the Dinosaur.

The Gung Ho's on board computer was the sweet-natured NAVI.

Beast Wars Neo comic

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