The Heavy Iron is a weapon used by Ironhide. It was designed and built by Que. There were two different types: Heavy Iron 1.0 and Heavy Iron 2.0. Ironhide prefers to carry both on his back.


Dark of the Moon film

After Optimus Prime (Movie) returned from a mission in Chernobyl to the NEST headquarters in Washington, DC, Wheeljack gave Ironhide the Heavy Iron 2.0 in a very proudful manner. Later on, when the Dreads were trying to capture Sentinel Prime, Ironhide and Sideswipe challenged two of them to a Mexican standoff, where Ironhide held both Heavy Irons against them, even through he didn't use them. When Sentinel murdered Ironhide, they were all completely destroyed. Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon video game

While on a mission in Detroit with Ratchet, Ironhide, who hadn't received the Heavy Iron 2.0 yet, used his Heavy Iron 1.0 to fight his way through large force of Decepticons. After he saved Ratchet from Mixmaster, he informed him of the Heavy Iron 2.0. Wheeljack contacted him, telling him it was on it's way. When he received it from a NEST helicopter, he used it to destroy Mixmaster's shields and killed him.


  • The two types of the Heavy Iron in the video game represented the Ion displacer and the Nucleon Shock Cannon from the War for Cybertron.
  • There´s a little continuity error with the Heavy Iron 2.0: In the movie, Wheeljack gives Ironhide the weapon personally in the NEST Headquarters. In the video game, Wheeljack sends it via helicopter to Ironhide's location during his mission.