Highline 1070 is an Autobot Real Gear Robot from the live-action movie continuity family.
Highline robot

I'm nicer than the other guy.

Highline 1070 keeps tabs on everyone. He's got a list and he's checking it twice, of everyone he's ever heard, seen, or touched. Decepticons and their allies go on the "naughty" list and are relentlessly hunted down, and soon find their lives full of carefully-laid traps.

Highline 1070's packaging tagline

—Track. Trick. Destroy.


Transformers (2007)

  • Highline 1070 (Real Gear Robot, 2008)
Highline phone

For when Commissioner Gordon goes jogging.

A redeco of Speed Dial 800, Highline transforms into a (non-functional) cell phone of made-up make. Like all Real Gear Robots toys, his robot mode is apparently at 1:1 scale.
This mold was also used to make Wire Tap V20.

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