Hightail is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Hightail cares little for orders or missions or Decepticons. Or other Autobots, for that matter. Though he is by faction an Autobot, he's utterly disinterested in fighting a war. He'd much rather spend his life cruising the roads of whatever world he happens to be on at the time.

He's hardly a pacifist, since he'll fight when threatened and is frankly kind of a jerk whenever Autobot command tries to give him assignments. He's just very bull-headed and independent.


Cyber Key Code content

After the Omega Lock was retrieved and Galvatron finally defeated, Hightail requested he stay on Earth rather than join an exploration team on one of the four world-ships. He got his wish, but with a mission attached: He and Signal Lancer were to team up and map every road on the planet. They're making good time.

(Note: This contradicts the Cybertron cartoon's final credit sequence, in which we see that Signal Lancer joined Metroplex's crew on the Lemuria. Unless there's another "Traffic Light Autobot".)



  • Hightail (Scout Class, 2006)
CYB hightail withalt

The Boneman.

Part of the final wave of Cybertron Scouts, Hightail is a redeco of the Decepticon Lugnutz, transforming into a motorcycle resembling a Harley-Davidson touring bike. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his left saddlebag in either mode flips up a portion of his right tailpipe to reveal a (non-firing) blaster and missile rack from his right saddlebag. His left tailpipe assembly becomes a rifle. He comes with a silver-bordered Earth-style Cyber Planet Key with the Key Code "s7n5" on the back.


  • When the toy was first revealed, many fans anticipated that it was a toy-version of the motorcycle refugee seen in the Cybertron cartoon. This was not meant to be though, apparently.
  • Hightail's license plate ("B-CAT 1" from Cincinnati, Ohio) and coloration are references to the University of Cincinnati's Bearcats, included as a tip of the hat by (and/or for) Hasbro TF staff who used to work at Hasbro's now-closed Ohio offices.

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