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This article is about the Machine Wars Autobot tow truck. For the G1/G2 Autobot sports car, see Hubcap (G1).
Hubcap is an Autobot from the Machine Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Hubcap is kind of creepy. He removes the bodies of deactivated Decepticons from the field after battles. After he takes the remains to the Autobot base, he salvages what he can for spare parts. He will often recycle the rest, but is known to use Decepticon scrap for target practice. It's pretty gruesome, really.


Machine Wars

  • Hubcap (Basic, 1997)
Hubcap, like the rest of the Machine Wars line, was a KayBee Toys exclusive. He transforms into a yellow tow truck with one-step spring-loaded transformation to robot mode. The grille of the truck separates to become a hand-held blaster. He and the other Basic-sized Machine Wars molds were originally designed for the Generation 2 line, but were scrapped when the franchise moved over to Beast Wars.
The same mold is used by Hoist, Tow-Line and Wrecker Hook.


  • Hubcap and Hoist are unique among the Machine Wars line in that they have original card artwork, rather than altered artwork from previous toys.

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