Hulk is a character from the Marvel portion of Crossovers continuity family.

The Hulk is a very angry man. A fellow literally fueled by unstoppable rage, most would be satisfied with him causing property damage purely on an infantry level. Not Reed Richards, though. No, Dr. Richards has instead encased this furious, really quite angry guy in a mechanized suit of transforming armor encased in plates of the same indestructible material as Captain America's shield. As if this weren't an impressive, indeed inexplicable enough achievement, Dr. Richards has likewise fortified the mech's cockpit with hydraulic joint flexors, to allow the machine to absorb the Hulk's frantic thrashings and allow his battle suit to literally become stronger as its pilot grows angrier.

Some people might think this is overkill, but they're not Reed Richards. Reed Richards is a genius.



  • Hulk (Marvel, 2008)
Crossovers Hulk toy


Hulk transforms from a big green man with no shirt on, into a fanciful tank. The "mech mode" in the promo picture at left is incompletely transformed; the "wheel panels" of his shoulders should be rotated 90 degrees around his biceps, relative to the "tread panels". It also appears his shins have not been extended.
He also has one tiny point of battle damage, a crater on one of the front tank tread covers. Apparently Hulk has been shot... once.

  • Hulk (Marvel, 2008)
A redeco of the original toy, in gray and blue, probably in reference to the "Gray Hulk" persona.

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