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Hydroplane is a Mini-Con in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

A member of the Noble Force Mini-Con Team, Hydroplane fights alongside the powerful Leobreaker and the Autobots to free the Jungle Planet from the dragon Scourge's cruel grip.

Created by the Cyber Planet Key of the Jungle Planet itself, Hydroplane is a warrior-philosopher capable of mentally manipulating water to amazing effects. He'd prefer use his power to water plants, but if people are in danger, he has no qualms about causing a torrent - of pain![1]

Japanese name: Element



  • Element (Plantium Mini-Con, 2005)
Element/Hydroplane is a redeco of the Recon Mini-Con Team member Six-Speed, transforming into a Le Mans style of race car. He was a Japanese Toys 'R' Us exclusive, available on July 28th 2005 with the purchase of Wing Saber. Reportedly, each store was limited to only 30 of each promotional Platinum Mini-Con.
The same mold is used by Socket.


  • Amusingly enough, though they are Mini-Con "partners" to Leobreaker, Leobreaker cannot Powerlinx with the Platinum Mini-Cons, nor do they have weapon modes for him to use.


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