"Run! They have legs!"

Hyper-Fax is a fictional digital world in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Hyper-Fax (or Hyperfax [1]) is a fictional world in a video game.[2] Hyper-Fax is menaced by the evil Bombasticons and protected by the heroic Mechabots. Sound familiar? Ethan Zachary hopes so.

So swears Optimus Prime!

—For as long as a spark exists within a single Mechabot, good shall always vanquish evil!


Marvel Comics continuity

Ethan Zachary created the world of Hyper-Fax, Mechabots, and Bombasticons for his digital copy of Optimus Prime's mind, intending to teach Prime of his previous life as commander of the Autobots and as an autonomous living being. Though Prime led the Mechabots to victory, he still believed he was nothing more than a video game character. Pretender to the Throne!


  1. The one time Hyper-Fax is mentioned, the name is broken in half by a hyphen to fit inside Optimus Prime's word balloon. The name could be either Hyper-Fax or Hyperfax.
  2. The name of this video game, if it has one, isn't given. It's possible that it's called "Hyper-Fax," "Mechabots," or... well, "Optimus Prime."