This article is about the unmade Autobot Turbomaster. For the Decepticon Micromaster, see Hyperdrive.
Hyperdrive was to have been an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

So Prime it hurts.

The rarely-seen Hyperdrive is supposedly the supreme commander of the Autobot army in the time of the Turbomasters, even out-ranking the "Commander-in-Chief" Thunder Clash.

He was probably really super-duper-heroic.


No toy of Hyperdrive was ever made, and no hardcopies are known to exist either. He only seems to exist in art form...


How can Skyquake see him if he never existed?

Hyperdrive can be seen in one of the Megavisor slides of the Decepticon commander Skyquake. For years, the actual identity of this character was unknown (often initially being mistaken for Star Convoy), until concept art of Hyperdrive was revealed in the Deluxe edition of the Japanese Transformers Generations book in 2004.

He clearly would have had the standard Turbomaster spring-loaded cannon gimmick, but what all else his toy would have done is unknown.

The prevailing theory on why he was never produced is simple "cost"; he was planned to be the "pinnacle" of the 1992 assortment, which likely means he'd have been huge - and the two big boys of the series, Thunder Clash and Skyquake, were already pretty hefty.

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