Icebird is the wise and powerful leader of the Mutants, though he resents his inability to return to robot mode. He has as a goal to eschew technology completely and evolve to a completely organic existence. As a side-effect of his mutation, he is able to read minds & communicate telepathically, shut down machinery at will, and become invisible.



Wreckers Mutants

Now you see them, now you don't.

The Mutants, along with other non-show Beast Machines era characters the Dinobots and the Wreckers, report to the Oracle and are given a mission to fulfill to save Cybertron's future. It was all a set-up however, by Cryotek and the Quintessons, and the Mutants are led instead to their apparent deaths by Sharkticons.

IDW Beast Wars comics continuity

Icebird was one of the many protoforms from the remaining Axalon stasis pods to be reactivated by Razorbeast. He and his fellow Mutants took up residence in a swamp. When a Predacon scouting party intruded on their home, Icebird was the first Mutant they spotted. Their leader Transquito followed him, fooled by his seemingly-harmless owl mode. Once he had lured him into a remote location, Icebird transformed into his bear mode and mauled the hapless Predacon while declaring that both Maximals and Predacons were unwelcome in the Mutants' lands. The Gathering #3


Beast Wars

  • Icebird (Mutant, 2000)
Icebird was a deluxe-sized toy, and could transform between an owl and a polar bear. He had a small panel on his front right bear leg that could be lifted to reveal mechanical parts. His robot head could be revealed by lifting the panel behind the polar bear head.

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