the Power Core Combiners and the live-action film character redirects here. For the Generation 1 character, see Icepick (G1).
Icepick is a Decepticon from the Power Core Combiners and Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

Icepick believes that he represents the next generation of Decepticons. According to him, all those not gifted with the ability to combine are obsolete, and should be destroyed. He's willing to start with the Autobots, but he won't hesitate if an older Decepticon strays into his line of fire.

Icepick dislikes humans intensely, but with his combiner team destroyed, he is desperate for an effective partnership. Rouge soldier, Sergeant Chaos, more than fits the bill.


Power Core Combiners

  • Icepick with Chainclaw (Commander Class, 2010)
Icepick transforms into a treaded snow-plow vehicle. His Mini-Con partner, Chainclaw, transforms into a missile launcher that can fit on a peg on the back of the vehicle. In humanoid mode, this is used as a shoulder peg for the missile pod. In combined form, Icepick's head is moulded entirely out of translucent blue plastic, giving an icy effect. Like the other Pore Core Combiners Mini-Cons, Chainclaw can become armour.

Dark of the Moon

  • Sergeant Chaos / Icepick (MechTech Human Alliance Basic, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DD11
Icepick's main alternate mode is a snow mobile or "Skidoo". He can also turn into a chainsaw-like mode that larger figures can hold. Sgt. Chaos can also ride Icepick's third mode. In robot mode, he has no hand held weapons, though he does have two bladed weapons that employ the clip system.
  • Flash Freeze Assault (Human Alliance multi-pack, 2011)


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