Alas, his innate minty-ness was not to be.

Immorticon is a Transcendent Technomorph from the TransTech continuity.

Immorticon is not lightly named. An absolute powerhouse fighting in service of Alpha Trion's cause, he's come under heavy weapons fire and lived to tell the tale.


TransTech comic

Immorticon was part of Alpha Trion's insurrectionist organization, and joined in the raid on Shockwave's laboratory in the hopes of rescuing Breakaway. Though he was hit dead-center by an energy blast from one of the facility's guards, Immorticon survived this without obvious injury. Immorticon and his comrades successfully stormed into Shockwave's inner sanctum, where they came face-to-face with the formidable Megatron. Transcendent: Part 5


  • Immorticon was originally a new character designed for the Transtech series, transforming into a tank-thing. Like most toys being developed for the line, he never got past the concept-art phase before Hasbro nixed the whole shebang.