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The Transformers: Infiltration > Issue # 3
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The Decepticons attempt to erase evidence of their location while Ratchet warns Prowl of the situation.


Aboard the Autobot starship Ark-17, located at the bottom of Lake Michigan, Prowl gives Ratchet a thorough dressing-down for disobeying his orders and breaking cover, then tells him to find out just what's on Verity's stolen palmtop and get rid of the humans, refusing Ratchet's suggestion that Prowl alert Optimus Prime. Ratchet appears to Verity, Hunter and Jimmy in their containment cell and persuades Verity to hand the palmtop over. He shows them the mysterious businessman's photos and explains they show a Decepticon command bunker, mysteriously abandoned (which Decepticons never do) and apparently in Siege Mode much too early than standard Decepticon procedure.

In the meantime, a police officer is investigating the dead body found on an Arizona reservation, tracking him to a caravan park—just as a pair of war-planes, one black, one purple, appear out of thin air and destroy the dead man's caravan, promptly disappearing again. Later, an Abrams battle tank destroys the remains of Jimmy Pink's garage, then transforms into the purple plane and along with the black one disappears yet again. Finally, the coach which Verity and the dead man traveled on is destroyed.

Verity, Hunter and Jimmy insist that Ratchet take them to the Decepticon bunker in Nebraska so that they can locate the proof Ratchet needs to persuade Prowl of the severity of the Decepticon situation. Partway swayed, Ratchet makes his mind up when Bumblebee offers to help out. The three humans and two Autobots make their way to Nebraska—just as the Decepticon lieutenant Starscream orders Skywarp and Blitzwing to destroy the bunker...


Writer(s): Simon Furman
Art: E. J. Su
Colors: John Rauch
Letters: Tom B. Long
Editor(s): Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor
  • Originally published: March 8, 2006

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


  • None yet identified.

Items of note

  • Cameos: Stoker (in flashback)
  • Prowl refers to Ratchet's actions being to "give yourself another shot at being a hero", implying he has carried out similar actions which may have gone wrong.
  • Bumblebee's holomatter avatar is female. As the Autobots appear to have voices that match their avatars, this implies Bumblebee has a female-sounding voice as well.
  • The "Decepticomments" section featured mail answered by Chris Ryall and short ads for next month's issues: Infiltration #4, The Gathering #3, Generations #2.

Covers (7)

  • Cover A: Prowl amongst explosions by E. J. Su, part 2 of a larger image
  • Cover B: Blitzwing vs Jazz by Guido Guidi
  • Cover C: Blitzwing in tank mode by Andrew Wildman
  • Cover D: Humans at Ratchet's feet by James Raiz
  • Cover RI-A: Foil stamp of cover D
  • Cover RI-B: Prowl by Guido Guidi
  • Cover RI-C: Blitzwing by Guido Guidi (includes 3 mini-prints)


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