Those Decepticon attack robots standing over there have given me an idea.

Inside...a Transformer Not Sold in Any Store! was one of a series of miniature pack-in flyers from which various Transformers could be ordered. This particular brochure featured Reflector.

  • Release date: 1986

promotional blurb, "Inside...A Transformer Not Sold in Any Store!"

—REFLECTOR, the Decepticon reconnaissance robot, turns the fine art of observation into the cruel craft of destruction. Made of three Decepticon attack robots — Spectro, Viewfinder, and Spyglass — REFLECTOR wields power with the cold click of a shutter.



Hey, Lloyd, I'm ready to be incinerated.

Like Look Inside for a Special Offer!, this brochure was extremely tiny, folding down to just over 1" x 2". This small size allowed it to be packed in with smaller toys such as the Mini Vehicles and combiner limbs, alongside small sticker sheets and combiner instruction sheets. It featured a stylized image of Spectro on the front cover, with new painted box-art style art for all three of Reflector's components inside.

The text within is not a story; it simply assures readers that "REFLECTOR is an evil marauder—not a working camera" (since the two are often confused), and lists his accessories.

The offer expired September 30, 1987. Reflector would set you back a mere $10.00 and 2 robot points each, plus $1.25 shipping and handling.

Good luck finding him for that much now.

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