Iron Town is a town in the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

So the alien robots are Protestants?

Iron Town is a frontier-style settlement on an unnamed planet. Beings of many species have come here, hinting at some kind of interconnected pan-species economy. So of course it appeared once and then vanished forever.

One of the town's most prominent buildings is a church.


Victory anime


Is that an Ewok?


The elephant's clothes are just out of frame. Seriously.

Around the time that Star Saber was appointed commander of the Autobot forces, Iron Town came to be menaced by a pair of Decepticon desperadoes. Star Saber, apparently already there, protected the population of Junkions and an assortment of other Cybertronians, Lithonians, Ewoks, Jawas, and very small dhoti-wearing elephants from their banditry.

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