Irwin Spoon is a human from the Earthforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Irwin spoon


Intrepid freelance reporter Irwin Spoon isn't content to let stories come to him - he's fully prepared to come to the story, even if it means poking around inside rampaging behemoths or interviewing an ill-tempered giant robot in a polar bear-ridden Arctic wasteland.


Marvel UK comics continuity

After five years in the reporting business, Irwin Spoon heard about a destructive rampage by the giant Transformer Superion in upstate New York. Once there, he was greeted by Grimlock, Prowl, and Springer, who told him that Superion was being controlled by one of Bombshell's cerebro-shells. In return for an exclusive interview with Grimlock, Spoon crawled inside Superion and removed the cerebro-shell, returning the massive combiner to normal. Inside Story! The Autobots then took him to their base in northern Canada, where after a tour of their combat room, he went outside for some quiet - and was abducted by the monstrous Motormaster! Front Line! After a brief chase, Sunstreaker and Tracks managed to manoeuver Drag Strip and Dead End into ramming Motormaster, allowing them to safely retrieve Spoon. Unfortunately, Spoon's article turned out to be a vicious smear - as he had been implanted with a cerebro-shell en route! End of the Road!

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