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Jörmungandr is a planet in the Beast Wars Neo portion from the Japanese Generation One continuity family.

Jörmungandr is a serpent-shaped planet roaming across the galaxy. The planet is inhabited by the cobras (later evolved into Transformers). It is the home planet of Cohrada.


Beast Wars Neo manga

After the event of Beast Wars II, Scuba arrived the planet Jörmungandr with a Angolmois energy capsule. He transformed the cobras, the native inhabitants on the planet, into the Transformers (possibly with the power of Angolmois energy).

Scuba was worship as a God. He later left the planet for some unclear reason — "Enraging the god", according to the myth of Jörmungandr.

All the inhabitants on Jörmungandr except for Cohrada were slaughtered by the Blentrons, who were searching for the The Angolmois energy capsules on the planet Jörmungandr is actually hidden inside of Scuba's statue. A Battle Fought Alone


  • The name "Jörmungandr" is a sea serpent from the Norse mythology.