This article is about the Beast Wars Maximal. For the Generation One Seacon, see Overbite (G1).

Jawbreaker has a twisted sense of humor. Perhaps that is why he prefers to be outnumbered when he fights; the fact that he is the most hostile of the Maximals might help in such a situation. Using his magnetic field generator, Jawbreaker draws his prey within grasp.

European-market name: Cackle


Beast Wars

  • Jawbreaker (Deluxe Transmetal 2, 1999)
    • Accessories: Tail-blade
Jawbreaker transforms into a blue, black, and red Transmetal 2 hyena. The back of his beast-mode neck has a spinning saw-blade, and the entire assembly becomes his right robot-mode arm. His tail detaches to form a really vicious-looking sword.
The hyena jaws were designed to swing down and away from the rest of the head, forming a more distinct grasping hand for the robot mode. This feature is shown on the packaging photographs, but on the final toy it was "neutered" by the addition of rigid plastic pegs locking the jaws into the skull.
This mold was later used to make Frostbite.



Cackle, who barely exists.

  • Jawbreaker's pre-release name, "Cackle", was retained on some versions of the European packaging.
  • Speaking of pre-release information, Jawbreaker showed up in Wal-Mart's computer systems as "kangaroo". Crikey!
  • The right side of Jawbreaker's robot-mode head, along with the ridge on top of it, slightly resembles Silverbolt's.

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