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Jerry Wang is a former scientist for NASA during the space race and Sam's co-worker. He redirected a satellite so it wouldn't photograph the sight where the Ark crashed.

Dark of the Moon (film)

—Somebody messed with the wrong Wang today!", Jerry Wang


Dark of the Moon film

Because of Wang's connection to the far side of the Moon, Jerry was assassinated by Laserbeak, who shoved Jerry into a wheeled chair and pushed him out of a window. Everybody thought he committed suicide. Before he had his completely awesome death, he pointed two Caliburs at Laserbeak, saying "Awww, shit. Huh? Who wants some chicken dinner now, bitch? Because someone messed with the wrooong wang today!" He was the bravest man to be killed by Laserbeak.

Before he died, however, he managed to pass onto Sam a stash of various notes, articles, and formulas hidden in his underwear. These notes pointed towards a pattern: Russian and American scientists, astronaunts, cosmonaunts, anyone connected to the space race, are mysteriously dying. They were being killed off by the Decepticons because the Decepticons wanted no one to have knowledge of the Ark or the Space Pillars. Dark of the Moon


  • Apparently, no one really cared that he died.
    • Considering the way he behaved towards Sam, it's not surprising.
  • After his death, Bruce Brazos wanted Sam to help clean up the "mess."
  • The brand of milk he drinks, Shuhua milk, while in the elevator with Sam also appears when an exhausted Joshua rushes up to the top of a Hong Kong block of flats and takes a carton from a mini-fridge.

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