Jet Snipers and Jet Lasers are Decepticlones from the video game portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


Jet Lasers make up the bulk of the Decepticlone army's aerial force. They tend to patrol in squads of three, circling wide areas in search of Autobots, though occasionally there will be lone scouts or packs as large as six. Once they find their targets, they stop and hover in midair to release blasts of laser fire, plus the occasional railgun shot. Jet Lasers attack by circling a target and attacking from all sides, then dodging when their victim attempts to retaliate.

They are highly susceptible to flak cannon fire, which knocks them out of the air into an uncontrolled crash. They rarely survive impact with the ground thanks to their high-altitude flying.

Jet Snipers


The cousin Shockwave never talks about.

Though identical in physical design to the Jet Lasers, Jet Sniper Decepticlones lie in wait on the ground, or on rocky outcrops, sighting along red laser beams. This laser is ludicrously powerful, able to send even large Autobots sailing through the air. Anything that crosses these beams is quickly fired upon, and sends any nearby Jet Snipers into the air to follow up on the attack. However, they tend to focus exclusively on their laser sight; a crafty Autobot can slip past the beams without much difficulty, leaving the unmoving Jet Sniper extremely vulnerable to attack. This is easier said then done, as Jet Snipers will flee their post and reposition themselves if they hear an Autobot closing in on them.

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