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The name or term Jet Optimus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jet Optimus (disambiguation).
Jetpower Optimus Prime is an Autobot from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of live-action film continuity. He is also known as Power Up Optimus Prime.

"No more! Please! Grant me mercy, I beg of you!"

Jetpower Optimus Prime is the upgrade form of Optimus Prime with Jetfire's corpse. In this form, Optimus possess various weapons, including a cannon on his arm, a machine gun, at least one of his swords from his normal mode and both engines on his back which can fire massive energy blasts as well.


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Revenge of the Fallen

"Let's roll."

—Optimus Prime is pleased with his upgrade.


"And all I wanted was a trailer!."

During the course of the battle against Decepticons in Egypt, Jetfire is mortally wounded by Scorponok, whom he manages to kill in return, and The Fallen steals the Matrix of Leadership before Optimus Prime can use its power to fully recover. Jetfire, knowing that "only a Prime can defeat The Fallen" kills himself after telling Optimus to use his parts to gain more power. Jolt and Ratchet help to attach Jetfire's corpse to Optimus.

With it, Optimus is able to fly to the Solar Harvester where he tackles The Fallen off and destroys the machine with a single blast from his cannon. He then battles The Fallen, but Megatron interferes. In (presumably gleeful) retalliation for his earlier defeat at Megatron's hands, Prime proceeded to administer a vicious beating to the Decepticon. Optimus badly wounds Megatron by blasting his face to scrap with his own fusion cannon and cutting off his arm before he blasts him away with his cannons.

Optimus then overpowers The Fallen despite his tremendous power, but loses his sword and an engine which the Fallen hits him with. Optimus Prime rams the Fallen's own spear between his face and skull and rips The Fallen's face off. Prime then finishes him by punching his fist through The Fallen's chest, tearing out his spark and crushing it with his bare hands. Realizing they have no chance with Optimus this powerful, Megatron and Starscream bid a hasty retreat.

After the battle, Optimus discards Jetfire's parts. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen video game

  • He is a playable character in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the video game.
  • His primary weapon is a heavy laser machine gun. His secondary weapon is a charged shell cannon. He does not have a vehicle mode weapon. His vehicle mode is when Jetfire's jets are activated. His special coats him in red, absorbs damage, increases his melee damage, surrounds nearby allies with two rings of red, and increases nearby allies' melee damage.
    • His guns both overheat extremely quick.


  • Optimus Prime (Legends, 2009)
Legends class Optimus Prime is able to combine with Legends class Jetfire.
  • Optimus Prime (Leader, 2009)

Leader class Jetpower Optimus Prime

Leader class Optimus Prime is able to combine with Leader class Jetfire.
  • Jetpower Optimus Prime (Mega Power Bot, 2009)


  • Ultimate Prime (2009)
  • Battle for the Fallen (Robot Heroes box set, 2009)

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